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Cleaner hands, bluer skies: what has coronavirus done for us?
[Image: istock_806873796.fd09b142000.w640.jpg]

Deaths, economic meltdown and a planet on lockdown: the coronavirus pandemic has brought us waves of bad news, but squint and you might just see a few bright spots.
From better hygiene that has reduced other infectious diseases to people reaching out as they self-isolate, here are some slivers of silver linings during a bleak moment.
- Wash your hands! -
The message from health professionals has been clear from the start of the outbreak: wash your hands.
Everyone from celebrities to politicians has had a go at demonstrating correct technique -- including singing "Happy Birthday" twice through to make sure you scrub long enough, and hand sanitiser has flown off the shelves.
All that extra hygiene appears to be paying off, at least in some countries, including Japan, where the number of flu cases appears to be sharply down.
Japan recorded 7.21 million cases by early March -- usually around the peak of the flu season that runs until May. 

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