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Do not want to have a belly, must avoid these 4 types of food
Alcoholic beverages All types of alcoholic beverages can cause obesity - be it liquor, beer, or wine. If you eat too much, it can also cause obesity. Many people mistakenly believe that drinking alcohol is not fat, but friends know that liquor also provides excess energy. In addition, eating alcohol also makes us crave more food with high-fat foods. Regardless, eating high-fat foods can cause obesity. Because the body has a lot of excess fat accumulated But the fat foods that we excluded from eating are foods that are good sources of fat Or saturated fats. Foods that have been processed food preservation. Food that is processed to preserve food is not fresh food. And has nutritional value With especially the use of sugar and salt With preservatives And if the processing process is not clean to the standard, it is uncertain whether there may be toxic residues or occur after the process has been processed. Foods that are high in flour and sugar. And without all sugar, but can make you fat Especially food that has sugar, if eating too much in excess of daily needs will be converted into excess energy in the form of fat stored in different parts of the body, making our body fat, not difficult. Especially in people who don't have time to exercise >> slotxo

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