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MS Paint And Its Features
What is MS Paint?

MS Paint Means Microsoft Paint. It Is Used To Draw A Picture With The Help Of Different Types Of Tools.
Microsoft Paint is a drawing program rarely used by many computer users. There are those who even do not know it exists. It is important to know how to use Microsoft Paint program because there are a number of things you can do with it.
The Paint program can be used to create simple to detailed drawings, but of course, it will depend on who is doing it. The best thing is that these drawings can be done either in black and white or in colour.

How to open MS Paint?

Step 1

Go to Start Button → All Program → Accessories → MS Paint.
Step 2
Go to Start Button → Run → Type in Box → MS Paint. → Ok.
How to create a new file?


Go to the File menu → New.
Editing Photos Using Paint

Apart from creating new drawings, Paint can also be used for editing pictures. It can be an important program for writers who want to edit pictures to use for illustrating purposes in their articles. For example, I capture screenshots using the print screen and paste them on the MS Paint window. Then, from there, I modify them before using them for my articles.

The drawings you make can be printed, e-mailed to your friends, used as a desktop background, copied to another document, sold for a profit, and a variety of other uses.
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