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New features in Notepad in Windows 10
Microsoft is finally adding support for UNIX-style end of line (EOL) characters to Notepad. Notepad now supports both UNIX/Linux style line feeds (LF) and Macintosh-style line endings (CR.)
Notepad still supports Windows-style line endings (CRLF) and uses them by default. But, when you open a file with other line endings, Notepad will automatically detect that and display it properly. You can edit and save the file, too—Notepad will automatically save the file with the correct type of line break. Notepad displays the end of line characters it’s using for the current file on the status bar at the bottom of the window.
What is NotePad?
Notepad: It Is A Text Editor Application Which Helps Us To Create A Short Documents With Initial Formatting.
Features Of Notepad:

  1. Entering And Editing The Text.

  2. Allows Basic Formatting On The Data.

  3. Allows Only One Page To Manage Large Documents.
This feature is called Sets, and it gave Notepad tabs in the early Insider Preview builds of Redstone 5. You could open multiple documents in a single Notepad window or combine tabs from multiple applications in a single window, so you could have Notepad, File Explorer, and Microsoft Edge browser tabs in one window.
Sets has been removed from the final October 2018 Update and will likely not be released as part of a stable Windows 10 update until the next update, so we’ll all have to wait a bit longer before we have tabs in practically every window on the Windows desktop. | Asus Router Support | | Norton product key | turbotax support

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